10 Super Simple Ways to Be a Better Writer


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By Alexandra Franzen

Do you enjoy writing? Does it come naturally to you? Do colleagues praise you for your crisp, articulate, Nobel Laureate-worthy email updates?

Congratulations! Because if you work in an office or run your own business, you’re likely to spend about a quarter of your workday doing one thing:


Oh, and that’s just the portion of your day that you’ll spend writing emails.

That figure doesn’t account for reports, proposals, best practice guidelines, blog posts, Facebook updates, tweets, texts, chapters of your forthcoming memoirs, that TED Talk script you’ve been tinkering with for the last 18 months, and the occasional hand-written “thank you” note.

We live in an era where the written word is King.

And if you’re going to write 40,000+ words this year—at minimum!—you…

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10 Super Simple Ways to Be a Better Writer

Mental Modern Mental Hood

Ah Our childhood days,

Steaming past, the summer ablaze,

Boister and thrill entwined within the air,

Memories created through the winds of our hair

Rivalling foes and going through worlds untold,

Never did we miss company for sure,

In the midst of the darkness, rain and sun,

Our journey out of childhood had just begun.

The off beaten track always did seem exciting,

The rebel, the scoundrel, the tribe’s bastard still biting

What are these lingering waves of ups and downs?

Are they to be fulfilled beneath a female’s gowns?

Perhaps, “an ideal way to drown”,

Said so, the angel, the devil and the clown.

Chanting laughter heard in between my ears

Animalistically, born again without a fear

Alas, the satisfaction became the past,

The enjambment of lust and love did not last,

Alone and aloof, was a soul’s journey down

Oh, where art thou..Clown?

“None the place to be seen”, said the Angel,

“It might be stupidly wise to consult the Devil,

or vehemently humorous to awaken the Scoundrel,

Dare i say…perhaps release the Rebel?”

Breath long gone, the innocence of a childhood ranger,

Instead, a carnival-esque manifestation of these uninvited strangers

A celebration of choices, lost voices, lost choices, and voices

Seemingly searching for churches of questions and answers…

-Sherman Rajeshwaren

Mental Modern Mental Hood

16 Scientific Reasons Why People Who Are Socially Anxious Are Usually Highly Intelligent

Food for thought; Can this state of mind be achieved through meditation and time spent alone?

Thought Catalog


Many people know there’s a neurological correlation between being highly creative and mentally ill, but few seem to realize that the same is true between being socially anxious and highly intelligent. Everybody experiences a degree of social apprehension, and a high IQ is not the sole root of social anxiety as a classifiable clinical disorder, but it’s a huge factor, no matter where on the spectrum you fall. Here, 16 reasons why:

1. People with social anxiety exhibit high levels of sentinel intelligence, which is the ability to detect real threats that are invisible to other people. For example, in the study linked, participants were able to detect the smell of smoke far before others. This means that they are hyper-sensitive to perceived threats, and can feel uneasy or disturbed when they are mental or emotional in nature.

2. Socially anxious people are hyper self-aware. This is generally…

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16 Scientific Reasons Why People Who Are Socially Anxious Are Usually Highly Intelligent

Video List of Influential Psychologists

A Caring Mind


Welcome back to another of my blog posts.  I thought for once it would be nice to raise awareness of those who have contributed to psychology.  I have created a video showing a list of famous Psychologists, although some on that list have contributed to psychiatry.

As with all lists, I expect some people to disagree with the list and to be honest the list helps to raise discussions on the field of psychology.  Some on this list are even considered controversial, but all on this list have influenced the field of psychology.

I hope you enjoy.

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Video List of Influential Psychologists

Top 10 Reasons Why People In Their 20s Stay In New York

.travel for thought

Thought Catalog

fernandezpat fernandezpat

1. The amazing dating scene! “So I met this guy and his personality is poison and he never texts me back but when we meet up once a month and walk together in the West Village, it’s… magic, you know? I can’t explain it. Like, it honestly feels like I’m in an indie movie and I’m his Greta fucking Gerwig.”

2. Pride. “People from my hick hometown need to be jealous of me and my fabulous life in New York. I’m doing this all for them! I’m paying $1,600 a month in rent just so Candy Sue from Cupcake, Illinois will feel bad about herself whenever I post a picture of the NY skyline!! And then I get to go home for the holidays and tell everyone from high school, “Yeah. I still live in New York. What have you guys been up to?” And it’s obviously nothing because…

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Top 10 Reasons Why People In Their 20s Stay In New York

Hello world!

This is my first message to whoever reads this first.


An intuitive and a curious mind can definitely reach a level of transcendence in this modern concrete, smog covered world we live in. Even though our minds maybe mentally governed by our surroundings, our choices are our own.
Therefore, expand your thoughts, think, imagine, feel and create. Think outside the box, iagine planets, visualise colours, feel emotions and create worlds.  Ponder upon and wish for whatever you want from this life. It can be anything, from simply wanting to become the next great scientist or building your character to be the best version of itself.

Good luck!

On a journey,


Hello world!