Video List of Influential Psychologists

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Welcome back to another of my blog posts.  I thought for once it would be nice to raise awareness of those who have contributed to psychology.  I have created a video showing a list of famous Psychologists, although some on that list have contributed to psychiatry.

As with all lists, I expect some people to disagree with the list and to be honest the list helps to raise discussions on the field of psychology.  Some on this list are even considered controversial, but all on this list have influenced the field of psychology.

I hope you enjoy.

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Video List of Influential Psychologists

Top 10 Reasons Why People In Their 20s Stay In New York

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1. The amazing dating scene! “So I met this guy and his personality is poison and he never texts me back but when we meet up once a month and walk together in the West Village, it’s… magic, you know? I can’t explain it. Like, it honestly feels like I’m in an indie movie and I’m his Greta fucking Gerwig.”

2. Pride. “People from my hick hometown need to be jealous of me and my fabulous life in New York. I’m doing this all for them! I’m paying $1,600 a month in rent just so Candy Sue from Cupcake, Illinois will feel bad about herself whenever I post a picture of the NY skyline!! And then I get to go home for the holidays and tell everyone from high school, “Yeah. I still live in New York. What have you guys been up to?” And it’s obviously nothing because…

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Top 10 Reasons Why People In Their 20s Stay In New York